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AMPM: The Alpha Micro Pageant of Machines

This is a very modest, possibly inaccurate, definitely incomplete list of Alpha Micro server products and terminals from the original AM-100 all the way to the current x86-based offerings, along with some of the more notable knockoffs. It should be considered a work in progress. Nevertheless, it took several months of digging through Alpha Microsystems product bulletins, SEC filings, contemporary magazines and other resources to get even this far; if you know of something in this chart that is missing or inaccurate, please send me E-mail. In particular, I am looking for dates of release and system loadouts.

For a basic introduction to the major architectures and hardware used in the Alpha Micro series, see the main page.

The model listing is not truly chronological; I've stacked what I consider to be "base" units chronologically, but appended their direct descendants immediately after, some of which may have been released later.

AMOS, unless otherwise specified, indicates AMOS for the 68K series. Read the AMOS Primer.

[Alpha Micro logo.] This list currently covers:

This list does not yet cover or yet fully cover (but will attempt to in future):

Also look at our model-specific pages for the S-100 machines, AM-1000 series, AM-1200 series, Eagle 100 and Eagle 300.


ModelYearCPUClockSerial Base/MaxBase RAMMax RAMAMOSCommentsMore Info

WD-16 Architecture
AM-1001977MCP16002MHz2/1832K64K+WD-16 AMOS to 5.0S-100 S-100 page
AM-1010 same except AM-100 with floppy system
AM-1020 same except AM-100 with 8.5MB Winchester HD
AM-1030 same except AM-100 with 10MB HAWK
AM-1040 same except AM-100 with 32MB Winchester HD
AM-1050 same except AM-100 with 90MB PHOENIX
AM-100/T1979?MCP16003.3MHz2/1832K64K+WD-16 AMOS to 5.01K bank switching, FPU (T = "tall") S-100 page
AM-1011 same except AM-100/T with floppy system (also AM-1021, etc.)
AM-1021 same except AM-100/T with 8.5MB Winchester HD
AM-1031 same except AM-100/T with 10MB HAWK
AM-1041 same except AM-100/T with 32MB Winchester HD
AM-1051 same except AM-100/T with 90MB PHOENIX
AM-1061 same except AM-100/T with 60MB Winchester HD (14")

68000 Architecture
AM-100/L1982680008MHz2/60128K16MBAMOS/LS-100 (L = "long") S-100 page
AM-1042 same except AM-100/L with 32MB Winchester HD
AM-1042E same except AM-100/L with 60MB Winchester HD (8")
AM-1062 same except AM-100/L with 60MB Winchester HD (14")
AM-1072 same except AM-100/L with 70MB Winchester HD
AM-1082 same except AM-100/L with 140MB Winchester HD
AM-1092 same except AM-100/L with 400MB Winchester HD
AM-10001982680008MHz3/11128K8MBany to 2.3aVCR interface; DB-25 serial, Xebec SASI or ST-506, 10MB disk; 5.25" 800K FD option; AM-167 boardAM-1000 page
AM-1000A 1982 same except 20MB disk
AM-1000E 1982 same except 30MB disk
AM-1000FF 1982 same except dual floppies, no HD (ewww)
AM-1000X 1982 same except 55MB disk
AM-1000XP 1982 same except 70MB disk
AM-1001 1982? same except not actually a computer; stand-alone hard disk enclosure
AM-1100E19846801010MHz3/111MB4MB?n/aUNIMOS (Alpha Micro UNIX System V), 40MB tape backup, 30MB disk; only released AM-1100
AM-150019856801010MHz12/1201MB16MBany to 2.3afirst VME; SASI/ST506; 70MB Winchester, VCR option , AM-175 board
AM-1545 1985 same except 2MB base RAM, 12 ports, 3 VME slots (2 free), tower or deskside, streamer/VCR/800K 5.25" FD option
AM-1555 1985 same except 3MB base RAM, 18 ports, 2x70MB HD, VCR option only
AM-1575 1985 same except 2x150MB HD
AM-200019856802016MHz12/2402MB28MBany to 2.3aSCSI-1, SASI, floppy, VCR, VME, AM-180 board; 68881 FPU option
AM-2045 1985 same except 70MB disk
AM-2056 1985 same except 150MB disk
AM-2075 1985 same except 2x150MB disk
AM-2000M 1988 same except 2 serial, single board design; 33MHz on later units
AM-12001987680108MHz5/131MB4MBany to 2.3a800K 5.25" FD option, 20/35/70MB HD, SASI, VCR; released models had 68000s and '010s AM-1200 page
AM-1200B 1987 same except five ports, 20MB HD
AM-1200E 1987 same except 13 ports, 35MB HD
AM-1200XP 1987 same except 13 ports, 70MB HD
AM-1200CS 1988 same except not actually a computer; early card for DOS PCs; replaced by Falcon
AM-300019876803050MHz/360(!)120MBany to 2.3aESDI, SCSI-1?, VME
AM-3000M 1991 same except single board design
AM-1400LC19896801012.5MHz4/8?1MB8MB?any to 2.3a1.44MB 3.5" or 800K 5.25" option, 40/85/170MB HD, VCR; tape option; two parallel; "AMOS/LC"; only released AM-1400
AM-160019906802025MHz4/161MB8MBany to 2.3aSCSI-1, SASI, 3.5", 5.25", VCR, 1 parallel, DB-9 serial (AM-314 only), CD-ROM option
AM-1600M 1991 same except single board design
AM-1600LC 1993 same except max 8 ports, Virtual Personal Computer "VPC" option (486DX2/66 running MS-DOS), Ethernet option, VCR/DAT/tape option
AM-400019936804033/66MHz2/22416MB128MB2.2 to 2.3aSCSI-1/2, VME, Ethernet, VPC option
AM-4000M 1993 same except single board design
Eagle (Eagle 300)199468030 (EC030)40MHz8/324MB64MB2.2 to 2.3aSCSI-1/2, 4 serial board slots (1 populated @ 8 ports each), 10bT/AUI Ethernet, 2 parallel, streamer tape; upgrade path E250, E400, E500; a/k/a AM-3500 seriesEagle 300 page
Eagle 400 1994 same except 68040 @ 33/66MHz, otherwise identical; some are E300s with Roadrunner CPUs
Eagle 500 1994 same except 68040 @ 40/80MHz, otherwise identical; some are E300s with Roadrunner CPUs
Eagle 100199468030 (EC030)40MHz8/124MB32MB2.2 to 2.3aSCSI-1/2, 8 DB-9 serial, single serial or Ethernet board slot, 1 parallel, upgrade path to E250; introduced after E300; a/k/a AM-3500 seriesEagle 100 page
Eagle 100LC 1997 same except four-port only, no slot
Eagle 100TX 1999 same except eight-port serial (RJ-45), 4MB flash OS (no disk), terminal server
Eagle 100NX 1999 same except four-port only, no slot, AUI? Ethernet, preconfigured TCP
Eagle 100MX 1999 same except eight-port serial (DB-9 as -01 or RJ-45 as -02), 4MB flash OS with SCSI-1, AUI Ethernet (10bT option)
Eagle 200199468030 (EC030)40MHz
Eagle 55019966804040/80MHz4/1004MB64MB2.3a ONLYSCSI-1/2; CMOS on-screen config; 4 DB-9, 2 paddle slots for serial; available in AM-990 (60 port max) and AM-990 Jumbo (100 port max); a/k/a "Super Eagle"
Eagle 550 ColdFire 1998? same except ColdFire @ 33MHz, also a/k/a "Super Eagle"
AM-600019976806066MHz4/2248MB512MB2.3aSCSI-1/2, FD, streamer tape, 4 parallel, Ethernet, available in AM-990 and AM-990 Jumbo
AM-6060 1998 same except no parallel port or FD, upgrade path AM-6000
Eagle 4501998ColdFire33MHz8/324MB256MB2.3a ONLYSCSI-1/2, SCSI 3.5" FD, streamer tape, RJ-45 serial, 8 serial board slots (2 populated), 10bT/AUI Ethernet, 1 parallel; first Eagle with PCI (2 slots)
Eagle 450TX 1999 same except 8/32 serial (RJ-45), 4MB flash OS (no disk), terminal server
AM-700020006806075MHz4/22432MB512MB2.3a ONLYSCSI-1/2, FD (SCSI or AM-219), streamer tape, 4 RJ-45 serial, 4 parallel, 10/100 Ethernet
Eagle 2502000ColdFire33MHz8/204MB256MB2.3a ONLYSCSI-1/2, SCSI 3.5" FD (!), streamer tape, 10bT Ethernet, 1 parallel, UPS port; base ports DB-9 (add'l 16 are RJ-45)
Eagle 250LC 2001 same except 4/4 serial

88000 Architecture
RISC Family19918810025MHz/50MHzn/aMotorola OEM under contract, "RISC Family" is not an official name; UNIX System V (SVR3, SVR4)

x86 Architecture
AM-5001984Intel 8088n/anot to be confused with the AM-500 HAWK controller
AM-680 Entry Level System1985Intel 8086n/aPC with AMOS/L compatibility board
AMS-12001990Intel 80386SX16MHz6/322MB?n/afloppy, streamer, parallel, 85/180/380MB HD, MS-DOS, Pick
AMS-1600 1990 same except 25MHz 80386
AM-920 Diskless WorkstationIntel 80386SX or 80486SX16 or 25MHz5MB or 16MBn/aDOS PC, Ethernet, VGA; disk option (?!), possibly a/k/a "Nodestar II"
AM-945Intel 8048633MHz or 66MHz32MB or 128MBn/aSVGA, IDE, 3.5"/5.25" FD; streamer option; DOS, SCO, Pick, RECAP
AM-950 "Series 90"Intel 80486/DX266MHz2/324MB64MBn/aPentium OverDrive ZIF, 5xISA-16, 2xVLB, IDE, parallel x1; Win3.1/SCO UNIX/XENIX/Pick (64+, T83 or Advanced Pick)
AM-960Intel 8048633MHz or 66MHz64MBn/aSVGA, SCSI, 3.5"/5.25" FD; streamer/DAT option; DOS, SCO, Pick, RECAP
AM-990Intel 8048633MHz or 66MHz64MBn/aSVGA, SCSI, 3.5"/5.25" FD; streamer/DAT option; DOS, SCO, Pick, RECAP
AM-800020032x AMD Athlon2800+6/221GB4GB8.0+SCSI U320, CD-RW, GB Ethernet, 4 RJ-45/2 DB-9 serial, XP Embedded/EAMOS
Eagle 8002003AMD Athlon XP2400+6/22128MB3GB8.0+UDMA-66/100/133, CD-RW, 10/100 Ethernet, 1 parallel, XP Embedded/EAMOS
Eagle 800LC 2003 same except AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 6/16 serial
Eagle 7502004AMD Sempron23003/19128MB2GBAMPC 7.0+UDMA, CD-RW, SuperFalcon PCI, 2 SF DB-9 ports, 1 mobo DB-9 port, 1 mobo parallel, Windows XP/AMPC
Eagle 750 (Cardinal) 2007 same except Cardinal USB replaces SuperFalcon
AM-8000 Series II2005AMD Opteron 2525/21512MB3GB8.0+UDMA/133, DVD-RAM, 4 RJ-45 serial, 1 DB-9 serial, 1 parallel, 10/100 Ethernet, XP Embedded/EAMOS, slot for additional Opteron CPU
AM-8000 Series II (2006) 2006 same except Opteron 256
Eagle 800 Series II2005AMD Sempron30005/21512MB3GB8.0+UDMA/133, CD-RW or DVD-RAM, 4 RJ-45 serial, 1 DB-9 serial, 1 parallel, 10/100 Ethernet, XP Embedded/EAMOS
Eagle 800LC Series II 2005 same except AMD Sempron 2600, 256MB
AM-8000 Series III2008AMD Opteron 2224SE6/1422GB64GB8.0+UDMA/133, SAS, SATA3, optional SCSI, SAS HD, BD-RAM, 4 RJ-45 serial, 2 DB-9 serial, 2 10/100/GigE, PS/2, 4 USB 2.0, XP Embedded/EAMOS, slot for additional CPU
Eagle 800 Series III2008Athlon 644000+6/221GB16GB8.0+UDMA/133, SATA3, 4 RJ-45 serial, 2 DB-9 serial, 1 parallel, PS/2, 8 USB 2.0, 10/100/GigE, XP Embedded/EAMOS
Eagle 800LC Series III 2008 same except Athlon 64 3500+, 512MB
AM-90002011Intel Xeon X56773.46GHz x 4-core SMT6/364GB4GB8.2+SAS2/SATA6, SSD, optional HD and RAID, BD-RAM, 4 RJ-45 serial, 2 DB-9 serial, PS/2, 5 USB 2.0, 2 10/100/GigE, Windows 7 Embedded (32-bit), slot for additional CPU
Eagle 9002011AMD Athlon II X33.0GHz5/292GB4GB8.2+SATA6, UDMA/133, SATA3 HD, optional SSD or RAID, DVD-RAM, optional BD-RAM, 4 RJ-45 serial, 1 DB-9 serial, 2 USB 3.0, 4 USB 2.0, 10/100/GigE, Windows 7 Embedded (32-bit)


ModelYearCPUClockSerial Base/MaxBase RAMMax RAMOSCommentsMore Info
Symbiont Series 701984680008MHzMIRAGE, Un*x variants, IDRIS, CP/M-68KAM-1072 clone (70MB HD)
Symbiont Series 400 1984 same except AM-1092 clone (400MB HD)
Inner Access NOEL1985680108/?512K16MBAMOS/L, Mirage, OS-9, CP/M-68K, Forth, d/os1.2MB 5.25" FD, 20MB HD, SCSI, optional 68020, 2xFD, streamer tape, sidecar chassis; 68010 as originally announced, later 68000
Ultrascience S/R1985AMOS/L, OS-9, Mirage, d/os, Pick, UNIX System V, "ETC."
PIICEON PII 681986680008MHz4/161MB4MBAMOS/L, d/os21MB HD; FD, streamer, VCR or extra HD options
Dravac (d/soft)
Dr. Gibbs


ModelScreenRows Min/MaxCols Min/MaxEmulationCommentsMore Info
AM-6014"24/2480/80AM-60, TeleVideo 925, Lear-Siegler ADM-5main DB-25 serial, DB-25 parallel; green/amber phosphor; 60Hz/65Hz refresh; 25th status line; setup keys: Ctrl-Shift-Cancel
AM-61 same except 80/132
AM-62 same except different case configuration, AM-62 extended emulation
AM-62A same except AM-62 case, 80/132, AM-62A extended emulation
AM-62C same except ?
AM-6514"24/4280/132AM-62A, AM-65, Wyse 50+, Wyse 60, TVI-910+, TVI-925, TVI-950, TVI-955, Link 125, ADM-5auxiliary DB-9 serial, main DB-25 serial, DB-25 parallel; green/page white/amber phosphor; 60Hz/78Hz refresh; 25th/43rd status line; setup keys: Ctrl-Shift-Cancel
AM-7514"26/5280/161AM-62A, AM-75, Esprit III640x480x16 graphics, 64 colour palette, calculator/clock/calendar DAs; 2D acceleration; setup keys: Ctrl-Shift-Cancel
AM-80n/an/an/aZTERM2002; rebadged TABC thin client terminal, Windows CE 3.0, Citrix MetaFrame/WinFrame, ZTERM for WinCE, Cyrix MediaGX 200MHz (TR3310) or 300MHz (TR3330), 8MB flash, 32MB SDRAM, 10/100 Ethernet, 1 parallel, 2 DB-9 serial, 2 USB, 2 PS/2

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