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AMPM: Alpha Micro Links and Resources

This is a collection of companies and resources on Alpha Micro systems and software that I have been collecting. If you have a resource you believe would be useful to share, please send it to me at Links are presented in no particular order.

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Official Resources

Sites or services directly maintained or sponsored by the Mother Ship.

User Groups and SIGs

Other General Sites

This focuses specifically on other museum-type sites and the like. Largely because of its numbers, the majority of these sites deal with AM-1000.

Software Vendors

Freeware, shareware and buyware. Vendors are listed without recommendation, although sites offering freeware are ordered preferentially.

Hardware Vendors and VARs

If you haven't spent enough on your box, they will be delighted to help you spend more (or get another one, because like very heavy and expensive Lay's potato chips, one just isn't enough). Vendors are listed without recommendation, in no particular order.

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